Ghostwriting Experience – How do I know that a ghostwriter is serious?

A few years ago, we would have dismissed the question of how to recognize that a ghostwriting provider is serious, in favor of the question of how to recognize a good ghostwriter. Unfortunately, times have changed and we have been alerted to a few dubious ghostwriting providers where customers have not received their already paid services. For this reason, as insiders in the industry, we would like to clarify which criteria must be taken into account when selecting providers so that reputable ghostwriters can be identified.

In Germany, websites according to § 5 TMG and § 55 RStV are required to keep an imprint. In it, not only the location but also those responsible should be identifiable. The provider’s seat should necessarily come from a country in which a legal claim can be asserted. In the case of the currently occurring cases, the imprint does not contain any legal or natural person or even was completely missing. In other cases fake identities had been used which were included as a picture file for concealment in order to prevent digital readability of the data. (The text should be marked with the cursor). To check whether an imprint is genuine, it is essential to have a whois check to be able to identify the website operator.

A closer look reveals that the texts on these pages contain various errors that go back to a translation program. For example, when you leave the page, some people open a pop-up that says, ‘Go away?’, The contact form is marked ‘Leave Message’. The service descriptions are based on superlatives and have no relation to reality: ‘For super cheap X Euro write our professors …’. The websites have almost invariably produced their positions in the Google ranking via the hacking of legitimate websites.

The advice is a very important point, which can provide information both about the expected quality, as well as the seriousness of the ghostwriting provider. Unfortunately, in the age of Voice over IP, a German area code does not necessarily refer to a German location.

The customer communication is often very informative: Does the ghostwriter z. B. Feedback on the topic choice regarding the exploitation of the evaluation potential? Be free assistance, such. For example, are you limited to a topic or topic designs? Does the provider make any specific reference to the questions asked or are standardized reply emails sent with advertising copy? Is there even a ghostwriter on the phone or landed in a globally positioned call center in which no authors work? Even with reputable providers, a call center is in our opinion and experience no indication of an adequate quality of advice, which conveys security to the customer during the processing time.

The offers should be calculated on an individual basis – also to ensure that the prices are cost-related and that customers should not co-finance other projects through risk surcharges from price calculators.

The payment should be made in steps, so that at the same time the possibility can be used to convince oneself of the quality. Although prepayment is standard in the industry due to privacy practices (i.e., no identification of identities), there is no reason for a third party to pay the full fee before the order begins. Reputable providers offer customers free consultations in advance of the project and offer low-cost introductory offers so that customers can get an idea of ​​the performance (and not have to buy a pig in a poke). These opportunities to get to know a provider, you should definitely use. Customer Reviews on the Internet and Likes on FB Fanpages are often manipulated.

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of the ghostwriting agency should be openly visible, so that all conditions of the contract are clearly visible and comparable with other providers.

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