Ghostwriting processes

The presented ghostwriting processes were tested and developed over many years of experience. But of course we adapt each of our steps individually to your needs. You retain complete control over the project. With none of the procedural steps do you commit yourself to further steps. We want our clients to continue their projects because our services are beyond any doubt and not because we have contracted them.

  • Preparation of the Ghostwriting project
  • topics development

For customers who do not yet have a topic for their project, we first develop sophisticated suggestions on interesting topics for a perfect start to project implementation.

Concept of the expose

Once the topic has been approved by the customer, we start with the detailed planning of the project and present it to the customer in an expose. Of course, we are open at every step for all wishes and needs of our customers.

Drafting by your ghostwriter

Preparation of partial deliveries

As soon as the expose has been taken by the customer, we start to prepare it. By partial deliveries we offer the possibility to be informed continuously about the current status of the preparation.

Quality control & delivery

With the completion of the last partial delivery, the project goes through our careful quality controls before it goes to delivery.

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